FOUNDER: Dennis Connor is a successful entrepreneur,
musician, photographer, hypnotherapist and philanthropist who is
dedicated to improving the lives of others.  

During his travels to many countries Dennis was deeply impacted by the
poverty he saw. This exposure gave him a profound appreciation for his
own good fortune growing up in America. In response he became
involved in charitable endeavors with an emphasis on literacy programs
and helping children.  "Children grow to teach their children and this is
the best place to start changing the world."

His primary mission in life is be of benefit to others, especially
children, so he can help make the lives of those around him better,
giving them in turn an opportunity to better enrich the world.
CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS & MUSICIANS: Following is a list of the creative artists and musicians who have
helped to contribute their music, meditations, photography, and art to the charitable endeavors of the Sancorpe' enterprise:

Dennis Connor
Allan  Phillips
FOUNDER: Dennis Connor