100% of the profit supports IHF and Friends of the Poor

About the International Humanity Foundation (IHF)

IHF is a 100% voluntarily staffed center whose focus is on helping
children around the world.  They have four orphanages and five school
centers in Thailand, Indonesia, and Africa.  Their open heart approach
can be most visually demonstrated by looking at one of the centers in
Bali where Christian and Muslim people work together to assist and
participate harmoniously toward the one goal of helping and educating
children.  If only all groups of people set aside their differences and
worked together like this.  
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About Friends of the Poor

Friends of the Poor is run by Mother Antonio Brenner who has been living
and working with the poor in Tijuana, Mexico for over 26 years.  Known
as the "prison angel" she voluntarily lives and works in La Mesa
Penitentiary.  Her mission includes assisting Aids patients, children's
education, and providing medical assistance to the poor throughout
Tijuana.  Along with her fellow sisters she operates a hospice for the
dying as well.  
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FOUNDER: Dennis Connor