Sancorpe’ is dedicated to creating opportunities and avenues through which mankind can
work as individuals and as a whole to improve health, longevity, and spirit through noetic
knowledge and connectivity.  And, accomplishes this primarily through...

  • Music
  • Meditations
  • Photography
  • Videos
100% of profits
donated to charity

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Cosmic Blessing
FOUNDER: Dennis Connor
Sancorpe’ means literally the connection of a healthy mind and a healthy body.  Beyond this wholeness in one's
self is the connection between all of us on the planet through a common knowledge and energy that has been
acknowledged by the greatest quantum physicists, scientists and metaphysical writers and teachers of our time.

Sancorpe the word comes from the Latin ( “sane” meaning sound healthy mind) + (“corpus” meaning staple,
substance, whole or body) The word “sancorpe” was invented or coined  in San Diego in 2008 by Dennis Connor
while working with Allan Phillips on development of visual, auditory, and tactile avenues to bring people into, or
closer to noospheric consciousness under the catalog label
“Noetic Music Group” (NMG)

= a dynamic body of works that increase noetic and noospheric connectivity and consciousness.

Sancorpe’(verb) = to take participation in activities that move one consciously and unconsciously into the

Sancorpetic (adj.) = of, relating to, or characteristic of Sancorpe’